Best VDR Android Apps: Setting Up a Data Room on Your Phone

VDR Android Apps

VDRs are secure online repositories that are perfect for exchanging sensitive and secret information with third parties during large transactions like mergers and acquisitions. But how can you get started with a virtual data room? From choosing the correct provider to going live in production, we’ll walk you through the stages of setting up a virtual data room in this article.

The Best Android Apps for Virtual Data Rooms

Selecting the correct VDR service can assist you in preparing for M&A transactions, fundraising rounds, audits, and any other circumstance when sensitive material must be shared with a 3rd person.


Ftopia is a business-oriented cloud-based file sharing solution that allows you and your team to invite clients, suppliers, and workers to share any type of document in company-branded public and private working areas.

Intralinks VDRPro

Intralinks VIA allows you to store all of your material online in a safe, scalable manner. From anywhere, at any time, you may access, manage, share, and UNshare. IT and business experts will adore this enterprise-grade file sync and share application.


HighQ provides the tools you need to enhance and optimize your workflow, from document management to workflow automation.


Koofr is a European cloud storage service that allows users to link personal storage and numerous cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and OneDrive.


MyWorkDrive software enables businesses to deliver secure remote access to Windows File Shares without the use of a VPN, while also enhancing collaboration and security. With built-in DLP protection, you can safely exchange files and work with colleagues on file shares from any device.


One of Europe’s top secure cloud providers and a provider of GDPR-compliant cloud and data room solutions for businesses.

Uniscon’s business cloud idgard® protects and facilitates digital communication and data sharing at the highest level with partners, customers, and colleagues.


eFileCabinet is a paperless office and document management system that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise to satisfy the demands of a variety of businesses.


OneDrive is a secure file storage, sharing, and access solution that allows users to save and share photographs, movies, documents, and more from any device, at any time.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and backup platform that allows you to access files, documents, images, and other media, store them safely, and collaborate with others.


For safe business file sharing, the leading virtual data room.


When it comes to privacy and security, Onehub virtual data rooms excel. Every Onehub Business plan membership includes access to data rooms.


Virtual data rooms for storing and transmitting sensitive documents for executing negotiations, due diligence, and other financial activities that are both secure and simple to use.


In seconds, set up ContractZen’s secure VDR, which includes comprehensive access rights control, metadata-driven search, dynamic data room index, audit logs, and reporting. Obtain peace of mind by being immediately prepared for time-consuming due diligence tasks. 30-day free trial.

DiliTrust Governance Suite

DiliTrust Governance is a cloud-based governance and entity management tool that helps firms manage corporate and legal operations across various sectors. In-house attorneys may utilize the platform to track and handle legal operations such as contracts, companies, litigation, and more.


With one platform, you can protect privacy and assure compliance for any sensitive material delivered via email, file sharing, automated file transfer, APIs, and online forms.


HighQ provides the tools you need to enhance and optimize your workflow, from document management to workflow automation.